Four vials of a white fluid: the first is almsot clear, the second is solidifying, the third opaque white suspended in a clear liquid, the fourth creamy white smeared across the vial Close up of Osteoblast colored yellow indicating their pH A grainy photograph of a osidant responsive nanoparticle glowing brightly in the middle Six jars in dark room emit light at various wave lengths A diagram of two gold nanoparticles. The first reads high pH, collapsed, and has Carboxylic acid attached to the outside of the nanoparticle ; the second reads low pH, extended, and has Carboxylate attached to the outside of the nanoparticle Chemical schematic of Amplex Red, Horseradish Perosidase and Resourin

Our group is interested in the chemistry and fundamental properties of functional nanomaterials and their uses in life science, medicine and related advanced technologies.


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